Most Asked Questions

    Most Asked Questions

    Am I entitled to compensation?

    If you recently experienced a delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight, you may be eligible for compensation. However, the laws differ quite a bit based on where you’re flying. Here’s a breakdown:

    If you’re flying within the US

    Flights within the US are only eligible for compensation if they are overbooked and you were denied boarding, and the rerouted flight they put you on gets you to your destination one hour late or more.

    If you’re flying to or from Europe

    Flights to or from Europe are eligible for compensation if they are delayed, canceled, or overbooked due to a situation the airline could control. Situations that the airlines couldn’t control (such as bad weather) are exempt from compensation.

    If you’re flying to or from Brazil

    Flights to or from Brazil may be eligible for compensation when they are delayed or canceled. This is especially true if the airline doesn’t provide care or treat passengers fairly.

    How much am I entitled to?

    How much you’re entitled to will depend on the regulations of the country or countries where you were flying.

    In Europe, you can get up to US$650, depending on the distance flown, and how long you were delayed. You can learn more here.

    In Brazil, it can vary greatly depending on each individual case, but you can get up to $1,300 in compensation for what’s known as “moral damages”. You can learn more here.

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