How did your favorite airports perform in 2024’s AirHelp Score?

How did your favorite airports perform in 2024’s AirHelp Score?

By Jaqueline Junginger・Last updated on July 10, 2024

The first half of our much anticipated AirHelp Score is here in time for the summer! Our annual global ranking compares the world’s most popular airports using extensive real-world data combined with passenger insights and opinions to give travelers a comprehensive overview of airport performance.

Does the airport have great facilities? Are the restaurants any good? What are the chances of a flight getting delayed? The score answers all of these questions at a glance.

Our rankings

Congratulations to our top 3!

So who came out on top in 2024? Based on the final tally, our overall winners are:

  1. Doha Hamad Airport — 8.52

  2. Cape Town Airport — 8.50

  3. Nagoya Chubu Airport — 8.49

Excellent work on their outstanding performance and dedication to providing an exceptional travel experience. They're setting a high standard for airports worldwide!

Most punctual

These are this year’s most punctual airports. If you pass through them, you can be sure that you’ll be arriving at your destination on time.

  1. Cape Town Airport — 8.6

  2. Brasília–Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Airport — 8.6

  3. Panama City Tocumen — 8.6

These are our most loved airports, scoring high on service, facilities, and cleanliness.

  1. Nashville Airport — 8.9

  2. Singapore Changi Airport — 8.8

  3. Doha Hamad Airport — 8.7

Best shops and restaurants

Craving something yummy before the flight? Looking for great duty free deals? Then you want the best airports for food and shopping.

  1. Doha Hamad Airport — 8.9

  2. Cape Town Airport — 8.5

  3. Chubu Centrair Airport — 8.4

What’s new?

More airports than ever before

We’re constantly adding new airports to the AirHelp Score so that more travelers can easily find out how their nearest airports fared. This year, we’ve ranked 239 airports across 69 countries — that’s 58 more airports than last year!

Best airports by size 

From the busiest international airports to the smallest regional airports, here are the top performers by volume of flights handled per year. 

AirportNumber of flights Score
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County AirportOver 250,000 8.20
Doha Hamad Airport100,000 - 250,0008.52
Cape Town Airport50,000 - 100,0008.50
Belém Val-de-Cans AirportUnder 50,000 8.26

How we ranked airports

We measure airport performance according to three categories: on-time performance, customer opinion, and food and shops. Read more about how we calculated the score.

Airports first, airlines later

For the first time ever, we’re splitting the AirHelp Score into two parts. We’ve released the ranking of airports around the world now, in time for summer, while the second half, our airline ranking will come out this winter. This ensures that passengers have all the latest info on airport rankings ahead of the busy summer months to plan their trips accordingly.

Check out the 2024 AirHelp Score Airports ranking.

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