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Get €100 when your flight's disrupted.

We’ll send money straight to your account when your flight’s delayed by 3 hours, canceled within 28 days before departure, or diverted. You already waited for your flight, you needn't wait for a payout.

✅ Fast payout ✅ No hassle ✅ Covers several disruptions

How it works

There's a problem with your flight

AirPayout is triggered when your flight is canceled within 28 days before departure, diverted, or delayed by 3 hours or more on arrival.

We notify you

We automatically detect that your flight was disrupted and send you and email for you to collect your money.

You get paid!

As soon as you provide your bank details we contact the insurer to settle the claim and process your payment (it may take up to 5 working days before it reaches your account).

Your benefits

Fast payout
  • Get €100 within days of your flight disruption

  • We send you a notification when you’re eligible

No hassle
  • No forms to fill out

  • No signature needed

Covers several disruptions
  • Delays over 3 hours on arrival

  • Flight cancellations within 28 days before departure

  • Flight diversions



per passenger, billed annually

  • We get you the money you’re entitled to from the airline:

    • - Up to US$650 for compensation

    • - Up to US$7,000 for extra expenses

    • - Up to US$1,700 for luggage issues

  • No hidden fees

  • 24/7 support from our experts

  • AirPayout insurance for 3 trips

  • 10% off your eSIM card

Choose Essential

effectively €2.08 per month!



was €64.99

per passenger, billed annually

  • All AirHelp Plus Essential benefits

  • Airport lounge access during a disruption

  • AirPayout insurance for 7 trips

  • AirLuggage insurance for 7 trips

  • 20% off your eSIM card

Choose Complete

effectively €4.17 per month!

No matter where you’re flying. No matter the ticket price or airline.

Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 177,275 reviews

We've helped 2.2 million people get paid compensation

Great and fast help! I’m very thankful!


Super lean service👍👍

Marton Horvath

super good service

Stoyan Chilikov

Great help, I received the payment within days.

Trifon Voyvodov

I got my money in 1 month, thank you

Alona Sosnytska

Didn't even know this company existed until my recent TAP Portugal flight was cancelled. AirHelp emailed me a few weeks later and offered to seek compensation on my behalf. At first I was sceptical, but they were able to get me a really good compensation amount from the airline! Best part is I didn't have to do anything. I know some other reviewers say you can get more by dealing directly with the airline, but I think having a third party take care of it was totally worth it!

Anita K

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